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Us Asians in Japan also agreed that our Anime characters are based on us Asians

Japanese spoken up against the racist westerners who keep claiming us Asians making our Anime characters based on them

The racist westerners who keep claiming us Asians making our Anime characters based on them are too dumb to realize that our Anime character...

Search : For example "Cosplay of the month" to see evidences of why only us Asians can Cosplay

7 Reasons why Anime are much more superior against cartoon

1. Anime characters are much more attractive
We use the word "much more attractive" instead of simply "more attractive" because this is not only apply to us Asians who make and who culturally involves with them but this is also apply to westerners who have nothing to do with our Anime. The most biggest and solid evidences of this can be seen at which characters peoples world wide prefer to Cosplay, almost all of us Asians who Cosplay are prefer to Cosplay our own Anime characters [ evidence : Asian based Cosplay site worldcosplay.net ] while most westerners who Cosplay also prefer our Anime characters rather than their cartoon characters [ evidence : westerners based Cosplay site cosplay.com ].

About the examples you see, there are much more better examples we can use for our Anime girls while there are much more worse example we can use for cartoon girls but we don't use them because we are not biased. Other than showing how our Anime characters are much more attractive, the examples you see also shows how retarded the racist westerners who claim our Anime copying their cartoon are because as you can see our superior Anime characters are totally look different from their inferior cartoon characters, in fact is is their inferior cartoon who try to copy our superior Anime this days http://antiwesterncosplayers.blogspot.com/2015/08/it-is-cartoon-who-actually-copy-anime.html

It is also very retarded when the racist westerners claim they look like our Anime characters because as you can see they look nothing like our Anime characters which we Asians made based on us Asians, they just look like their own cartoon characters which those westerners made based on themselves http://antiwesterncosplayers.blogspot.com/2015/06/you-westerners-are-just-look-like-your.html

2. Anime are much more realistic
Not just our Anime characters but also any other things you see in Anime starting from cars, buildings, weapons, etc in Anime are much more realistic or much more look like what you see in reality compared to cartoon that look silly and stupid.

About the examples you see, again there are much more better examples we can use for our Anime and much more worse example we can use for cartoon but we don't use them because again we are not biased of only using what support us and what we said. Combined with our Anime characters that are much more attractive, this is the reason for the existence of the term "waifu".

3. Detailed scenes
The scenes you see in Anime are so detailed that pulls you into the world of the Anime you watch, for example a gun shoot will also show the recoil, bullet and bullet shell scene in details. The most awesome thing is the scenes in Anime are able to show the emotions of Anime characters such as when getting happy, angry, etc especially when getting embarassed which what Anime fans love the most.

4. Deep story
The deep story of Anime are giving you many emotions which pulls you further into the world of Anime, one of the evidences of this can be seen at many Anime fans who said they feel motivated, they cry, etc while watching Anime. To see the evidence just use search engine using the keyword for example 'Anime that makes you cry' where you will find many results, then use the keyword 'cartoon that makes you cry' where so far we don't even see 1 result of it. The story are also tend to teach about human morality values especially about to never lose hope and the values of friendship.

5. Diverse story
Anime have any story possible that humans can think of including stories based on sports, everyday life, tradition, culture, etc compared to cartoon who only have adventure and education based story. You can find the story you want from the thousands titles of Anime available, there will always be an Anime out there that fits your needs.

6. Awesome sounds
Not just the various songs for the opening and ending theme but also the sounds you hear during the scenes of the Anime you watch, this is more proven by many Anime who have their own original sound track that are sold separately. Other than the scenes and story, this is also what pulls you into the world of the Anime you watch.

7. Anime are not for kids
The big majority of our Anime are not for kids unlike cartoon but for teenagers and adults or for those who are over 13 years old and older and this fact have nothing to do with violence or anything else like that but simply because of the realisticness of our Anime. The evidence of this can be seen at many cartoon with "run and catch" theme where the characters on it run from other characters who try to capture them using traps or other things that are full of violences but the age rating for those cartoon are still labeled as for kids, while many of our Anime who only have a few violence scenes are labeled as for adult or labeled for teen after getting many censorship due to the realistic scenes. This is the reason why our Anime have much more fans including gain much more profits. Compared to kids, teenagers have more furchasing power due to having more money, especially for adults who can have their own money so they can buy the Anime items they want freely without having to ask at their parents.

Overall, the fact that our Anime are superior compared to cartoon is the reason why :
- Peoples especially teenagers and adults feel more pride when talking about Anime unlike cartoon that makes them feel ashamed due to cartoon that are seen as something for kids or for those who are mentally challenged.
- There are much more forums, websites, blogs, etc dedicated for our Anime. To see the evidence then just use search engine using the keyword such as 'Anime forum' then use 'cartoon forum' where you will see the big difference, the result still not including if you use the keyword in Chinese, Japanese and other non latin characters where the result for cartoon almost non-existence.
- Our Anime gains much more profit proven by there are much more stores who sell our Anime and our Anime related stuff compared to stores who sell cartoon and cartoon related stuff. To see the evidence then just open big online stores then type the Anime titles you know on the item search box, compare the results with the cartoon titles you know.


  1. IDIOT! You have obviously never watched Cartoons before! Have you HEARD of Hazbin Hotel or Steven Universe? These are cartoons that are enjoyed everywhere, even in Japan. I have seen plenty of Japanese people who watch and draw fanart for Steven Universe because they like the show. Anime is over sexualized. It is for horny men who have nothing better to do. Anime sexualizes children, normalizes rape, and murder. For example, the Yandere trope normalizes murder, and Anime like Kodomo No Jikan supports child pornography and pedophilia. I also heard that Japan sells loli porn in STORES even though it is about a CHILD! Amazon is deleting Anime from it's website and I'm glad! Anime is for nerds and otaku's that are toxic and problematic.

  2. It's really not that deep bud. Let people enjoy things. :)

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