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Us Asians in Japan also agreed that our Anime characters are based on us Asians

Japanese spoken up against the racist westerners who keep claiming us Asians making our Anime characters based on them

The racist westerners who keep claiming us Asians making our Anime characters based on them are too dumb to realize that our Anime character...

Search : For example "Cosplay of the month" to see evidences of why only us Asians can Cosplay

Proud To Be Asian! We Asians are the most evolved race!

The evidences which proves us Asians as the most evolved race
1. We Asians are smarter
One of the many evidences of us Asians are smarter is only us Asians who could make Anime up to this day. Our Anime is the most detailed form of animation so in order to be able to make Anime then a much more higher imagination level are required compared when making other animation such as cartoon. The drawing culture of a race can be used as one of the indicators to determine how much smarter that race is that the more detailed their drawing culture is then the more smarter they are, the facts which proves this are :
- African are not known in the world as the producer of animation and graphic novel while it is known that african are the most less advanced race in the world.
- We Asians are known as the most advanced race in the world while we Asians are known as the only producer of the most best animation [ Anime ] and the most graphic novel [ Manga ] in the world.

It has already been 40 years since the first Anime and up to this day westerners still can't make any Anime and the reason for that are obviously not because of :
- Not because of westerners don't want to make Anime because western animation studios have hired many of our Asian animators since the past to this day to make Anime for them such as the transformers, halo, etc other western cartoon that are turned into Anime version and the most biggest evidence is avatar.
- This is also not because of the definition of Anime where an animation can only be called as Anime when made by Japanese because Anime fans still think and call Nado as Anime even when that animation are not made by Japanese [ made by Chinese ], other than Nado there are many other animation like that which made by us Asians who are not from Japan but Anime fans still think and call them as Anime. The most solid evidence for this is the fact that many of the Anime under Japanese license such as Bleach, One Piece, etc are made by animators from our other Asian countries. So seeing all of this facts shows that the definition of Anime is not animation made by Japanese but animation made using Manga art.

The only reason westerners could not make any Anime up to this day is because westerners are really not capable to understand our Manga art [ the art we Asians created and use to make our Anime ], which proven by the fact that westerners have to hire our Asian animators to make Anime for them. Another fact that support this is that when peoples are drawing something such as human characters then the one they draw will always resemble those the one they see around them in most of their everyday lives, it is very obvious that the one westerners see in most of their every day lives is other westerners and not us Asians, this explain why the cartoon and comic characters made by westerners resemble themselves while the Anime and Manga characters made by us Asians resembles us Asians. The most solid evidence of westerners are not capable to comprehend Manga art can be seen when those westerners are saying things such as :
- The reason Anime characters have big eyes is because of wanting to imitate westerners eyes while the real reason is to make our Anime characters look cute and innocent, this is proven by almost all of our Anime characters who have big eyes are female and childrens Anime characters.
- The reason Anime characters have yellow hair and blue eyes is also to imitate westerners while the real reason is to make it easier to identify our Anime characters, this is proven by yellow and blue is not the only non black color for our Anime characters hair and eyes but also any other colors such as red, green, orange, purple, etc. Another real reason is to show their magic element for our magic genre Anime where yellow represent earth or thunder element while blue represent water or ice element, etc.

2. We Asians are the most attractive race
Cuteness is the highest form of beauty which mean that we Asians are the most attractive in the world, and not everyone can be cute unlike for example of being sexy that anyone can accomplish by simply showing more skin, some peoples even consider cuteness as sexyness. The evidences which proves us Asians as the most attractive in the world are :
- The most bigges evidence is the one who dominate the how-to beauty channels in youtube and other video channels are us Asians.
- See the Cosplay scene where most westerners who Cosplay are prefer to imitate our Anime/Asian characters rather than their own cartoon/western characters which you can see on western Cosplay websites such as www.cosplay.com , while almost all of us Asians who Cosplay are prefer to imitate our own Anime/Asian characters [ obviously ] which you can see on our Asians Cosplay websites such as http://curecos.com

Many jealous westerners claims that we Asians especially who dominate the how-to beauty channels are trying to be/look like those westerners, jealous because if their claims are really true then why we Asians are still the one who dominate the how-to beauty channels and not those westerners? If those jealous westerners claims are really true then the one who dominate the how-to beauty channels would be those westerners because then what we Asians who dominate the how-to beauty channels doing are just copying those westerners, so the one who supposedly look more attractive, better, etc would be those westerners and not us Asians which those jealous westerners claims of trying to be/look like them because the original will always better than the imitation. The same for who peoples world wide prefer to imitate when they Cosplay would be those westerners cartoon/western characters and not our Anime/Asian characters if those jealous westerners claims are really true. So what those jealous westerners doing are just hallucinating which created by their jealousy over us Asians which they will never able to be/look like.

Many of those jealous westerners also trying to use miss world or other competition like that to prove that they are the most attrative in the world, in reality miss world or any other competition like that are just nonsense because the one who can decide there are only a select few which not even up to 10 peoples, so the result of any competition like that are not reflecting what the peoples in the world think and believe. While in the how-to beauty channels the one who can decide there are anyone, for example in youtube where tenth millions of peoples have become as the members where members are given privilage including to follow who they want to follow there.

3. We Asians are youthful
Proud To Be Asian!
Are you able to guess the real age of the Asian girl you see? Are you saying she is 8 years old? 10 years old? 12 years old? No, all of those are wrong because her real age is 20 years old. Us Asians who are in their 20's are still look like in their teens when compared to westerners while westerners who are in their teens are look like in their 20's when compared to us Asians. We Asians are capable of looking 10 - 20 years much more younger than our real age just like that one of our Asian girl you just see who even by our own Asian age standard are supposed to look like 12 years old moreover by westerners age standard she would look like 8 years old, in some case we Asians could even look 25 years much younger than our real age.

4. We Asians are less smelly
If 1 Asian and 1 westerner run on the same track on the same amount of 5 minutes, on the finish line you will notice that the westerner are more smelly than the Asian, not just more smelly the westerner also produce more sweat. This is the reason why deodorant sell the most in the west.

5. We Asians are less hairy
Unlike westerners where many western girls even grow hair on their hand and back. This is the reason why shaving wax sell the most in the west. And this is not because of cold climate stuff nonsense as the reason why westerners are much more hairy compared to us Asian because many of our Asian countries also have winter season, a few western countries even don't have any winter season at all but they are still much more hairy compared to us Asians.

6. We Asians have the best metabolism
One of the many awesome benefits for having good metabolism especially for girls is have more resistance from turning fat. For evidence take a look at one of our Asian countries such as Japan where the number of fat peoples there are only less than 4%, in comparison take a look at one of the western countries such as america where the majority or over 50% of peoples there are fat.

- The conclusions -
By looking at all of those facts proves that we Asians are the most evolved race in the world, especially if the ape evolution theory are used [ a theory which theorize that human evolution are started from ape ] where the westerners have much more closer traits to ape because ape are less smarter, more hairy, more smelly, look older and in no way look attractive compared to human.

To all the Proud Asians
If you are really proud to be Asian and want to show your pride as Asian then you can show your pride by participating in the anti western cosplayers movement, a movement against westerners racism towards us Asians and against westerners ruining our Anime. Anti western cosplayers channel [ see how many Asians and Anime fans from around the world who agreed with the movement ] http://www.youtube.com/user/VeryProudToBeAsian/discussion

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