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The truth that become as the based of our anti western cosplayers movement

The most biggest evidence of us Asians making our Anime characters based on us Asians

The pictures you see are from the same episode of the same series where in that episode they imagine that they are impersonatin...

Search : For example "Cosplay of the month" to see evidences of why only us Asians can Cosplay

Why westerners fail cosplaying Anime/Asian characters #3 : Westerners are look too old

Before you continue reading this then be sure to know about the other reasons as to why westerners fail cosplaying our Anime/Asian characters so that you will be able to understand more about this, such as :
- Why westerners fail cosplaying Anime/Asian characters #2 : Western females look like males.

The fact that we Asians make our Anime/Asian characters based on us Asians are not only causing our Anime/Asian characters to look like us Asians in the aspect of appearance but also in the aspect of age. That is because we Asians are not only making our Anime/Asian characters based on our own Asians facial & body form but also based on our Asians youthfulness where we Asians look much younger than our real age, you can read more about this on http://antiwesterncosplayers.blogspot.com/2015/04/proud-to-be-asian-we-asians-are-most_28.html

That is why the big majority of our Anime/Asian characters look like teenagers [ by our Asians age of standard ] or look like childrens [ by the westerners age of standard ], this is what mostly used used by the westerners who hate our Anime as the reason for hating our Anime by accusing our Anime of promoting pedophilia stuff because by their western age of standard our Anime/Asian characters are mostly look like childrens while many of our Anime titles are not aimed for childrens.

On the other hand westerners are look much older than their real age [ the main reason why our teenage looking Anime characters look like childrens for those westerners ], so when those westerners attempt to imitate our Anime/Asian characters are only end up making those westerners looking too old, out of age or even worse look like peoples with unhappy childhood.

You can see about this more clearly on the battle of our Asian cosplayers Vs the racist western cosplayers

Asian cosplayer [ only 1 Asian cosplayer needed to beat all the racist western cosplayers ] :

Racist western cosplayers :

Know that we are not being biased on picking the examples where we don't have any intention to pick only the best Asian cosplayers while picking on the worse racist western cosplayers, what we pick is what the whole picture shows or what represented in the Anime Cosplay world. To prove that we are not being biased then we will tell you a way to see more examples, for our Asian cosplayers then just go to our Asian Cosplay sites such as http://curecos.com then type "Madoka Kaname" on the Cosplay search option, as for the racist western cosplayers then just go to western Cosplay sites such as www.cosplay.com then also type "Madoka Kaname" on the Cosplay search option, you will even find much more examples of the racist western cosplayers there than what you see in here which we decide not to use in here.