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1. To become as one of the ways in unifying us Asians.
2. To promote us Asians as whole and as 1 big family.
3. To prevent westerners especially their youth from doing racism and other harm to us Asians.
4. Etc

Know that only 51% of the funds will be used to advance the anti western cosplayers movement such as for hosting domain names, buying ads slots, holding events, etc and 30% of that 51% will be used for charity under the banner of anti western cosplayers movement. As for the other 49% will be used for something else.

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Why do you hate western cosplayers?

The truth that become as the based of our anti western cosplayers movement

The most biggest evidence of us Asians making our Anime characters based on us Asians

The pictures you see are from the same episode of the same series where in that episode they imagine that they are impersonatin...

Search : For example "Cosplay of the month" to see evidences of why only us Asians can Cosplay

It is cartoon who actually copy Anime

Up to this day there are many westerners who keep spreading nonsense about our Anime copying their cartoon, nonsense because in reality there is no evidence of their claim because there is none of the cartoon characters made by those westerners who look like our Anime characters before we Asians made our 1st Anime, even over 20 years after we Asians made our first Anime.

Because of that fact the next nonsense those westerners use to claim our Anime of copying their cartoon is by claiming our Anime characters eyes are copying the size of their cartoon characters eyes. This is the most stupid nonsense those westerners use because it is like someone who accuse other peoples of trying to copy him/her but only able to say other peoples are only trying to copy his/her eye sizes instead of his/her facial & body form or at least his/her eye shape, well those westerners are not able to use facial & body form as the base of their claim because of the fact that none of their cartoon characters facial & body form who look like our Anime characters facial & body form before we Asians made our 1st Anime, the same for eye shape who. Another reason why that is the most stupid nonsense which used by those westerners use is because size can't be used as a valid reason to accuse something of trying to copy something else, the valid reason that have to be used is shape. Also eyes alone can't be used as a valid reason to claim an appearance trying to copy other appearance, the valid reason that have to be used is facial & body form because facial & body form is the one that are used to recognize someone's appearance, except for stupid and other simple minded peoples who for example will think anyone who have the same eye size as his/her parents to be his/her real parents because they can't recognize their parents facial & body form.

Actually it is those westerners who copy our Anime, one of the many example is Fantastic 4 :

The most biggest evidence that it is those westerners the one who actually copy our Anime is that they themselves are begging at us Asians to make their cartoon sequels into Anime version, such as :
Power Puff Girls Z :

Transformers :

Avengers :

Those are just a few of the many examples about how those westerners are begging us Asians to make their cartoon sequel [ the prequel made by them in cartoon version ] into Anime version. The reason for that is because they want to make their cartoon to look more attractive because their their cartoon are continue to lose popularity and market while our Anime continue to gain popularity and market size this days.

The westerners who are spreading the nonsense about our Anime copying their cartoon are also using many nonsense when told that it is them who actually copy our Anime, such as :
1. It is for cheap labour
Nonsense because if that is true then anything else that used by those westerners would have been also made by us Asians, or atleast all of the cartoon made by those westerners would have been made by us Asians. The reality shows that those westerners only beg at us Asians for help mostly on things they can't do themselves because those westerners are not capable of making any Anime up to this day. Those westerners can only try to copy our Anime but the result are just end up as cheap inferior stuff due to them unable to fully comprehend our Manga art which we Asians use to make our Anime. Their incompetency are proven by the nosense they made about our Anime, for example the nonsense they said about us Asians making Anime characters with big eyes, yellow hair and blue eyes are for the intention to make our Anime characters look like them. Those are nonsense because the real reason we Asians made our Anime characters with big eyes are to make our Anime characters look more cuter and innocent which is why the big majority of our Anime characters who have that kind of eyes are females and childrens, the factor behind this is our Asian culture where females and childrens are viewed as cute and innocent, another factor is to make our Anime appealing for those of us Asians in Japan who prefer cuteness and innocentness over anything else due to the fact that our Anime biggest and main market are Japan so our Anime have to be appealing to continue to exist and grow. The same when we Asians made some of our Anime characters with yellow hair and blue eyes are not imitate those westerners but for more easier identification due to our Anime characters appearance are typically look similar to each other, this is further proven by yellow and blue are not the only non black color for our Anime characters hairs and eyes but also any other colors including orange, purple, green, etc. Another reason is to show their magic or element for our magic genre Anime where for example red represent fire, blue represent water, etc including yellow which represent thunder.

2. It is Asians copying westerners idea
That nonsense fall into the category of retardness which proven by :
- It is those westerners who come begging at us Asians and not the other way around.
- From thousands of the Anime we Asians have made since the past to this day, there is not even 1 of our Anime which ever turned into cartoon version either by us Asians or by those westerners under our license unlike those westerners who beg at us Asians to make many their cartoon especially this days into Anime version.
- Those westerners are not capable of making any Anime up to this day.
- Etc other evidence which shows it is not us Asians who are lacking ideas but it is those westerners. Since the past to this day, we Asians still make our Anime the way they look, for example is our Anime Sailormoon :

As for the reasons why those westerners keep making nonsense about our Anime to make our Anime have something to do with their cartoon are because of :
1. The biggest reason is because those westerners are a bunch of racist who think they are superior which made them believe anyone else have to bow and look up to them, including anyone else have to base what they made especially when they are popular world wide such as our Anime to be based on those westerners. You can read more about this at
2. Those westerners are retarded where they can't recognize other peoples from their facial & body form but have to be from their hair colors, eyes colors, etc like the nonsense they said about our Anime characters hair colors, eyes colors, etc. Any sane and peoples with decent IQ only recognize peoples from their facial & body form, that is why the police for example never arrest anyone who have the same hair and eyes colors as the wanted criminal hair and eyes colors on their wanted list but just arressting those who have the same facial & body form.
3. Those westerners are ashamed of the fact that they can't make any Anime up to this day, this is related to the 1st reason of them being racist so they have to claim our Anime based on them to hide their incompetency of being unable to make any Anime up to this day.

Know that we in this movement are not having any problem with westerners copying our Anime style because that will just shows how our Anime are superior, what we have problem with is the westerners who keep saying nonsense about us Asians including about our Anime.