If you are an Asian who hate any form of westerners racism against us Asians, an Anime fan who hate to see the Anime characters you love and respect are being ruined by western cosplayers or just someone who hate any form of westerners racism then you can participate in the anti western cosplayers movement by :
1. Participating in the anti western cosplayers movement's fundrise project, this is only available for us Asians because the anti western cosplayers movement are mean to be made by us Asians and run by us Asians, if you want to use bitcoin then you can also use bitcoin at the address - 16ho1hFR9oX4mUs6Q5s4h8zVRGLhu9AH14 -
2. Participating in the anti western cosplayers movement's circle

3. Adding more likes

4. Use the hashtag of #AntiWesternCosplayers when you post something on the internet related to Asian, Anime, Cosplay and other Asian related things

The truth that become as the based of our anti western cosplayers movement

The most biggest evidence of us Asians making our Anime characters based on us Asians

The pictures you see are from the same episode of the same series where in that episode they imagine that they are impersonatin...

Search : For example "Cosplay of the month" to see evidences of why only us Asians can Cosplay

The racist hollywood live action of Ghost In The Shell will end as another failure

It will become as another failure because it is again using western cast just like all the fail Anime live action produced by hollywood movie studios. The sign for the failure can already be seen at the big majority of GITS fans who are already angry when the hollywood movie studio who produce the live action are announcing of using a western cast for the main character Matoko Kusanagi :

You can see for yourself how the western cast look nothing like the Anime character she try to imitate. It seems the big majority of hollywood movie studio are still fulls of racist and retards, racist because they use western cast to imitate Asian characters while retarded because there is no possibily for westerners to be able to look like characters made based on Asians such as Anime characters. We say 'the big majority' because there seems to be some hollywood movie studio this days who have learn from their previous mistakes of using western cast when making Anime live action, one of them is warner bros who currently make a Gintama live action that will be released in 14 July 2017 where they now use the correct cast.

The most important thing to make a successful Anime live action is by using Asian cast because Anime characters are based on Asians no matter what hair colors, eyes colors, story, etc they have http://antiwesterncosplayers.blogspot.com/2017/01/evidence-racist-westerners-who-claim.html

Anyway, if you are an Anime fan especially a GITS fan who are angry at what the hollywood movie studios doing then you should take the poll 7 Reasons why peoples hate western cosplayers to show the racist and retards in hollywood that Anime characters are based on Asians so that those racist and retards will eventually stop ruining Anime.