If you are an Asian who hate any form of westerners racism against us Asians, an Anime fan who hate to see the Anime characters you love and respect are being ruined by western cosplayers or just someone who hate any form of westerners racism then you can participate in the anti western cosplayers movement by :
1. Participating in the anti western cosplayers movement's fundrise project, this is only available for us Asians because the anti western cosplayers movement are mean to be made by us Asians and run by us Asians, if you want to use bitcoin then you can also use bitcoin at the address - 16ho1hFR9oX4mUs6Q5s4h8zVRGLhu9AH14 -
2. Participating in the anti western cosplayers movement's circle

3. Adding more likes

4. Use the hashtag of #AntiWesternCosplayers when you post something on the internet related to Asian, Anime, Cosplay and other Asian related things

The truth that become as the based of our anti western cosplayers movement

The most biggest evidence of us Asians making our Anime characters based on us Asians

The pictures you see are from the same episode of the same series where in that episode they imagine that they are impersonatin...

Search : For example "Cosplay of the month" to see evidences of why only us Asians can Cosplay

The "cosplay is not consent" movement in the west shows how western males disgusting morality are ruining the image of Cosplay

There is an on going movement in the west which are known as "cosplay is not consent" movement that have been going on for many years now but recently getting more active this days. The "cosplay is not consent" movement's objective is to tell peoples that cosplayers who Cosplay are not mean that those cosplayers are giving permission to be freely touched on their body parts.

This movement only exist in the west because so far there is no such thing like this in our homeland Asia where one of the world's trends today known as Cosplay are originated. This movement arise after the numeruous sexual assault cosplayers in the west received not only when attending Anime, Manga, etc similar other conventions but also outside of those kind of conventions. Apparently western males are thinking that when girls are wearing something which those western males don't usually see then that will mean it is ok for those western males to touch, rape, etc doing other sick things to them, no wonder when a girl is with a western male then she will 24 x more likely to be raped than when with an Asian guy http://antiwesterncosplayers.blogspot.com/2016/03/asian-guys-appreciate-girls-most-and.html

Other than looking down at females, another reason why this is only occur in the west is because westerners see cuteness and innocentness as something sexual rather than something precious that you want to protect like what we Asians see. Almost all of our Anime/Asian characters we Asians made based on us Asians are look cute and innocent, on the other hand westerners are not cute so they are doing anything they can to look as cute as our Anime/Asian characters including by trying to act cute and this is one of the reason which trigger western males to sexually assault them. The fact that westerners see cuteness and innocentness as something sexual is also the reason for the very massive numbers of pedophile crimes in the west http://antiwesterncosplayers.blogspot.com/2016/02/the-reasons-why-many-westerners-who.html because childrens are mostly look cute and innocent.

Not only committing racism against us Asians and ruining our Anime/Asian characters, this fact is another reason why westerners must not Cosplay our Anime/Asian characters. Our Asian culture and western culture are just too different to be able to accept one another http://antiwesterncosplayers.blogspot.com/2013/12/it-is-also-culturally-wrong-for-racist_4729.html

Many westerners this days already think our Anime as bad things where they accuse our Anime as pedophile stuff so if this continues then eventually westerners society as a whole will end up thinking and accusing our Anime, Manga, Cosplay etc our other Asian characters and trends as bad things who cause peoples to commit sexual assault and other bad things when in reality it is westerners morality and cultures that are to blame.