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The truth that become as the based of our anti western cosplayers movement

The most biggest evidence of us Asians making our Anime characters based on us Asians

The pictures you see are from the same episode of the same series where in that episode they imagine that they are impersonatin...

Search : For example "Cosplay of the month" to see evidences of why only us Asians can Cosplay

Anime characters are based on Asians : The more smaller the nose, the more cuter [ selfie tips ]

The video you are going to see is based on NHK World [ NHK is the biggest broadcast corporation in Japan ] Kawaii International tv program [ one of NHK World tv programs ]. The video is about a Japanese girl who benefited greatly by the splendid selfie she did and she is sharing some of her selfie technique in the video. One of her selfie technique is about "the more smaller the nose then the more cuter", a technique which she base on Anime characters nose. This is just another evidence of how we Asians make our Anime characters based on us Asians, you can read more about this on http://antiwesterncosplayers.blogspot.com/2015/06/you-westerners-are-just-look-like-your.html