For any Asians who want to participate in this movement, you can participate by using bitcoin at the address of - 17bQbUhJJihYXsUUddiGPYqEBNwFwRYygV - with the minimum number for each transfer is 0,1 bitcoin, the minimum number are made with the intention to make this not become a burden to all Asians but only to specific Asians who can do it. Only Asians will be accepted so if you are not an Asian but have done a transfer then you will not be recognized nor you will get any refund. Do not transfer to any address other than what you see in here because the bitcoin address you see in here is the only official address for the anti western cosplayers movement. This anti western cosplayers movement are made with the intentions :
1. To become as one of the ways in unifying us Asians.
2. To promote us Asians as whole and as 1 big family.
3. To prevent westerners especially their youth from doing racism and other harm to us Asians.
4. Etc

Know that only 51% of the funds will be used to advance the anti western cosplayers movement such as for hosting domain names, buying ads slots, holding events, etc and 30% of that 51% will be used for charity under the banner of anti western cosplayers movement. As for the other 49% will be used for something else.

If you are an Asian but are not using bitcoin or can't transfer with that minimum number or you are not an Asian but still want to participate in the movement then you can still participate by doing this 5 simple ways :
1. Join the circles

2. Join the group
3. Add more likes

4. Use the hashtag #AntiWesternCosplayers
5. Take the poll "why do you hate western cosplayers?"

Why do you hate western cosplayers?

The truth that become as the based of our anti western cosplayers movement

The most biggest evidence of us Asians making our Anime characters based on us Asians

The pictures you see are from the same episode of the same series where in that episode they imagine that they are impersonatin...

Search : For example "Cosplay of the month" to see evidences of why only us Asians can Cosplay

You westerners are not cute, too masculine and look too old to Cosplay our Anime characters

That is why whenever you racist western cosplayers Cosplay our Anime characters you always end up ruining our Anime characters which then hurt our Anime fans [ could be up to millions of peoples, depend on how popular the character and Anime is ]. In other words you racist western cosplayers are only ruining our Anime and hurting many peoples when you Cosplay our Anime characters, many of our Anime fans even have said they lost interest to our Anime which they previously love because their fantasy are ruined when they see you racist western cosplayers ruining the image of the Anime characters they love, you can see some of them stating that on . No one want to see the one they love being mocked and ruined by those who look nothing like the one they love who sickly imitate the one they love, sick because you racist western cosplayers keep saying you Cosplay for fun that in other words you racist western cosplayers are saying you have fun by ruining something and by hurting other peoples.

For further information about how you westerners are not cute, too masculine and look too old to Cosplay our Anime characters then just go to and . You racist western cosplayers must stop cosplaying our Anime characters and should be proud/stick to your own cartoon characters, that way you racist western cosplayers will not end up ruining anything and will not end up hurting anybody because you racist western cosplayers look like your own cartoon characters while look nothing like our Anime characters . Use right-click and choose 'open in new window' to see the full images :

Asian cosplayer [ Madoka from Puella Magica Madoka ] :

Racist western cosplayers :

Asian cosplayer [ Silica from Sword Art Online ] :

Racist western cosplayers :

Asian cosplayer [ Tianyi from Vocaloid 3 ] :

Racist western cosplayers :

Japanese also agree with this :

Like we said/did since the beginning, we are not biased in choosing the pictures we show on our movement's blog where we don't intentionally choose the bad one for the racist western cosplayers because by default all of you racist western cosplayers will always end up as failure or bad when cosplaying our Anime characters so there is no need for us to intentionally choose the bad one to prove our points. To further prove this we now open the possibility for any of you racist western cosplayers who want to replace any of the racist western cosplayers you see in this topic, of course you must abide by our rules to do that, which are :
1. The maximum width of the picture is 400 px while the height is 300 px.
2. You can only replace 1 of the 12 pictures, if you want to replace more than 1 picture then tell your friends who also have to abide by our rules.
3. You can't replace the picture which already replaced.
4. You can't use your own Cosplay picture, this is to avoid the other jealous racist western cosplayers to say nonsense such as "she is biased because she using her own Cosplay so she does not care her Cosplay is ugly or not".
5. You must make an evidence that the picture is indeed choosen by you by making a topic in your blog, tumblr, etc your other online account with includes this contents :
- The title of the topic have to mention that you are the one who choose the picture, for example "My choice for the Asian cosplayers Vs Western cosplayers battle".
- You must put the link of this topic in your topic to prove that the choice you make are referring to this topic.
- You must also put the link of the racist western cosplayer profile in your topic so that anyone can check if that cosplayer are really a racist western cosplayer or not. There have been some case of you racist western cosplayers who use our Asian cosplayers and claim them as one of you racist western cosplayers to prove you can Cosplay our Anime characters successfully.
- Upload the picture you want to use as the replacement in a server which allows linking to other server, in other words make sure the picture will be viewable in our movement's blog and not just in your blog, tumblr, etc.
6. This will only open until 1 month since this topic are made, once the date are pass then that will mean you racist western cosplayers agreed that all the racist western cosplayers pictures you see in here is the best that can be found out there.
7. If you want to make a submission for the replacement then be sure to mention :
- Your name.
- The evidence link or the link to your blog, tumblr, etc which mention about this.
- The link of the replacement picture.
- Which of the racist western cosplayers picture in this topic that you want to replace, for example "the 4th racist western cosplayer imitating Silica".
8. We randomly will check the evidence so if you delete them then we will also delete the picture you use as the replacement and replace them with the picture we choose on our own.

This is actually not a fair battle because this is not a 1 Vs 1 battle but that does not matter because no matter how many of you racist western cosplayers out there all of you will still be the losers as long as you racist westerners still Cosplay our Anime characters because you racist western cosplayers look nothing like our Anime characters.