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The truth that become as the based of our anti western cosplayers movement

The most biggest evidence of us Asians making our Anime characters based on us Asians

The pictures you see are from the same episode of the same series where in that episode they imagine that they are impersonatin...

Search : For example "Cosplay of the month" to see evidences of why only us Asians can Cosplay

Japanese marriages also proves Anime characters based on Asians

Don't forget about the anti western cosplayers movement
Anti western cosplayers channel [ see how many Asians and Anime fans from around the world who participated and agreed with the movement ]

First of all what is the connection between Japanese marriages and Anime characters appearance? To understand this you must first know the fact that :
- The center of Anime is Japan or the biggest mark
et for Anime is Japan while the big majority of market for Anime world wide is Asia [ combined with Japan ].
- Anime are first shown in Japan than anywhere else or the first market of Anime is Japan.
With that in mind, you will realize that in order to sustain Anime then the contents of Anime [ characters appearance, story, music, etc ] have to be appealing for Japanese who are the main pillar of Anime or at least have to be appealing for Asians as the biggest consumers of Anime. And for about Anime characters appearance then the most best way to find out what appealing for Japanese is by looking at Japanese marriage, marriage are chosen because marriage is a sacred life commitment where someone choose someone else [ based on several criteria ] to live with for the rest of their life so it is not something to joke, fool, etc around with.

Now take a look at this
statistic data [ this is not a poll, survey or other kind of data like that but a real number data ] of marriages in Japan taken from the Japanese national statistic bureau [ marriages by marriage order and nationality of bride and groom : Japan ]. Based on the data, over 96% Japanese are married with other Japanese, as for the around 4% of the Japanese who are not married with other Japanese :
- Over 96% of the Japanese guys prefer other Asian girls.
- Over 60% of the Japanese girls prefer other Asian guys.

The only data that can be used to see what Japanese find to be appealing about someone's appearance is the statistic of the Japanese guys marriages who are not married with Japanese girls. That is because the main criteria for guys who want to marry is the girl's attractiveness [ beauty ], morals [ virginity, manners, etc ], financial status [ wealth ]. While the main criteria of marriage for girls is the guy's kindness [ how much the guy will protect her, take care of her, etc ], financial status [ how much wealth the guy have ], attractiveness [ how much appealing the guy is to her ]. There is also another factor why the statistic from the girl side can't be used which is "marriage age limitation", in most part of the world especially in Asia the maximum age for girls to feel the pressure of marriage is 25 years old, when a girl's age are over 25 years old they usually become more desperate to marry which caused them to loosen their marriage criteria. So the first criteria for guys to marry girls is how attractive the girls appearance are while for girls is how kind the guy is.
The data which shows over 96% [ of below the 4% Japanese guys who are not married with Japanese girls ] who prefer other Asian girls are very similar to the data of the over 96% Japanese guys who prefer to marry with Japanese girls. This shows that even when not marrying with Japanese girls, Japanese guys marry other girls still based on their appearance who are similar to Japanese girls that Japanese guys find to be attractive.

Based on this fact it is very clearly visible to see that what Japanese find to be attractive about someone's appearance is Asians appearance, so this is clearly shows that Anime characters appearance is based on Asians. By
default, Anime characters facial & body form is based on Asians facial & body form [ almond shaped eyes, small nose, round face, sharp jaw and smallish body form ] because the default is set by the big majority of Anime story setting which take place in Asia. This is the reason why :
- Anime characters facial & body form with the story setting in the west still look like the default Anime characters facial & body form. But in order to make the Anime where the story setting is outside Asia become more autenthic to the story then only the main characters who mostly made to look like the default Anime characters, the sub characters or the not important characters [ citizents, government officials, etc who represent that location ] are usually based on the appearance of the peoples where the story setting take place. Take a look at the Anime where the story setting is in Asia or outside of earth where you will see that the main and sub characters are typically look the same, while the Anime where the story setting is outside of Asia such as in the west the main and sub characters look different.
- Anime characters facial & body form with the story setting outside of earth still look like the default Anime characters facial & body form.
- The facial & body form of Anime characters with yellow hair still look like the default Anime characters facial & body form.

- The facial & body form of Anime characters with blue eyes still look like the default Anime characters facial & body form.
- Etc
All of that is for the sake of making them to look appealing for Japanese so that Anime not only able to continue to exist but also able to grow, which is also why Japanese always using Asian cast when making Anime live action including with Anime where the story setting take place in the west such as the live action of the Shingeki No Kyojin Anime. This is similar to what the westerners did, for example hollywood where they always use western cast in the movies they make even when then story setting take place outside of the west because the main market for their movies is westerners or the west.

It just not make any sense to think that Anime characters appearance are not based on Asians such as if based on westerners because that will obviously ruin Anime, does it make any sense to you to think that Anime characters are based on westerners which Japanese find to be unattractive? The only thing that make sense if Anime characters based on westerners is when the west is the majority of market for Anime, currently the west is just a small portion of market for Anime or more like a "left over" market for Anime. Another facts which shows how Japanese find westerners appearance to be unattractive is :
- Figurines, dolls, etc which based on westerners facial & body form are not selling well in Japan.
- Cartoon and comic also not sell well in Japan, the same for western based vg where the characters are based on westerners.
- Japanese not chosing any western countries to be the sister group for AKB48 but instead chosing other Asians such as Chinese and Indonesian.
- The biggest evidence can be seen at how almost all Japanese who Cosplay are prefer to imitate Anime, Manga and other Asian characters than cartoon, comic or other western characters. You can see the evidence in where the big majority of that Cosplay site forum's members is Japanese, also see that cartoon, comic and other western based characters never make it to the list of the top 10 most cosplayed characters even on the most lowest 10th rank of that Cosplay site.
- Etc.
Actually, most westerners also agreed [ even when they not directly admit it ] that Asians appearance are more attractive than their own appearance which proven by the sales of Anime, Manga, Asian vg, etc are much more bigger in the west than the sales of cartoon, comic, western vg, etc in Asia. The biggest evidence is most westerners who Cosplay are preffering to imitate Anime, Manga and other Asian characters than cartoon, comic and and other western characters that can be seen on which is a Cosplay site where the big majority of its members are westerners.
A few things you need to know about the statistic data is :
1. The "over 96% Japanese married with other Japanese" mean that over 96% Japanese guys marry with Japanese girls while over 96% Japanese girls marry with Japanese guys, this mean that the real number of Japanese guys who marry with Asian girls is over 99,6% while the real number of Japanese girls who marry with Asian guys is over 98,2% because Japanese are also Asians.
2. The small number of westerners who live in Japan is not the reason why there are much less Japanese who marry with westerners. Take a look at this statistic data, where in 2012 from the Asian side there are 1.425.705 Asians who live in Japan with 1,2% of them married with Japanese, while from the western side there are 302.838 westerners who live in Japan with 0,7% of them married with Japanese.
3. The data is from 2012, but even so the current trend shows that the number of Japanese who are not married with other Japanese is upward for other Asians while downward for westerners.
4. The data of the Japanese who are not married with other Japanese, from the Asian side the countries is China, Korea, Philippine and Thailand while from the western side is u.s.a, u.k, Peru and Brazil. It is well noted that Peru and Brazil are not really western countries so the actual number of Japanese who marry with westerners are much more smaller but many peoples in Peru and Brazil look like westerners while the majority of them look like native american or latin.

There is another interesting fact about the data, the data shows that 20,92% of the over 60% Japanese girls who prefer to marry other Asian guys are "used" [ not virgin, remarried, etc ] while there are 15,85% of "used" Japanese girls from the below 40% of the Japanese girls who marry with western males. Know that this does not mean western males got the best because the real data [ when combined wirth Japanese guys ] shows that Asian guys only got 15,72% of "used" Japanese girls. Why this is interesting? Because many western males keep saying that Asian girls especially Japanese girls prefer them by claiming the reason to how they have bigger pen*s size, in reality those western males are just jealous and hallucinating because :
- Over 98,2% from overall Japanese girls prefer Asian guys.
- If that fact is still not sufficient, the data of the "used" Japanese girls shows that when they are divorced from Japanese guys they still prefer other Asian guys to marry them which mean [ in an extremely kind of way of thinking ] they still prefer Asian pen*s than other pen*s or they can't get enought of Asian pen*s.